Students at Saint Patrick School are able to participate in various activities to enrich their education.

We have a wonderful program called OM, or Odyssey of the Mind. Our very own Janie Wilson is one of the coaches. We have many parent volunteers as well and we thank them for their commitment! The students also participate in Forensic competitions in the late winter. The kids practice very hard on their duo dramas, poetry, impromtu speeches and so on,. Last year we had several winners on our side. The coaches for Forensics are Mr. Steve Wilson and Mrs. Stephanie McChessney. We offer basketball to the students as well. 

Students at Saint Patrick School also enjoy field trips we take during the year. We always have a school field trip twice a year. This year in September, the students were able to go to Fort Roberdeau. They had an amazing time! 

During the school year we enjoy many special events, we enjoyed seeing the first responders come to our school with their vehicles. We also enjoyed a pizza lunch with them. What a time was had. 

There are many Holy Days that are celebrated at the Parish, for example, on All Saints Day our younger kids dressed up as a saint while the older kids offered information about the saints the children were dressed as. 

There are many fun things we do her at Saint Pats. Please come back frequently for updates!

For Roberdeau                                                                                                    First Responders Day

St. Francis Science Lesson on Oil Spills                                                             Kindergarten hard at work with games on the smart board

                                                                     More First Responders Day

                                                                    Blessing of the Pets Day

                                                                                                             All Saints Day
All Saints Day