St. Patrick School

Has a long history of an exceptional academic program which is well documented in yearly test scores indicating student proficiency in core academic subjects. Our academic success is also evident in student high school performance, in the number of college graduates, and in professional career accomplishments of former students.

Along with the core subjects of reading, math, English, science, social studies, and geography, St. Patrick School offers art, music, computer science, guidance, physical education and library to students in PreK through grade eight.  Emphasis is currently being placed on STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, math)

A Smart Investment

Enrolling your child in St. Patrick School is a smart investment! Our faculty and staff partner in a shared relationship with parents to ensure a quality education. With the aid of the online program called ‘Power School’, teachers post student performance daily for parental monitoring of their child’s grades. Students are not only educated in the academics, but also taught to embrace the qualities of good character development in religion and guidance classes. The academic curriculum is enhanced with field trips and presentations by guest speakers.

Religious Studies

St. Patrick School enriches the academic program with an in depth spiritual foundation for life’s journey. Christ’s teachings are incorporated in every subject and students are encouraged to practice these lessons and make them a way of life. Students are taught and encouraged to make decisive, good choices in religion class and in guidance discussion groups. Students’ prayer life is enhanced with weekly Masses, paraliturgies, Stations of the Cross, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Benediction, and recitation of the rosary. Learning in a faith-filled environment is paramount at St. Patrick School.

Preschool Classes

Provided for three, four and five year old children Monday through Friday. We offer a half day program for three year olds (8:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.), or the option of full day classes at the discretion of the teacher and administration. Parents of four and five year old children have the option of half or full day programs (8:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.). Children are prepared with reading readiness skills, basic math activities, creative play, and various life skills learning centers. These children also experience religious instruction and learn basic prayers.

Learning Support

Students enrolled at St. Patrick School benefit greatly with much teacher attention due to small class size. Students in need of more academic reinforcement are further accommodated educationally by our teachers who tailor lessons to the students’ needs. In addition, learning support teachers also aid classroom teachers with supplemental lessons to insure student academic progress. Reading and speech specialists are also provided by the Intermediate Unit 08 to assist students in reading development.

Teachers strive to educate the whole child with the use of standardized tests. The DIBELS test (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is administered three times a year to students in kindergarten to grade four to chart age-appropriate reading progression. Standardized tests (IOWA Tests of Basic Skills) are administered annually to students in grades two through eight to monitor educational growth.