Our Philosophy

Saint Patrick School is a Catholic School, a unique and valuable contribution to education, integrating Christian ideals into all aspects of learning. The central task of Saint Patrick School is to foster growth of persons in community through faith, based on the Gospel values. Because the school is Christian, it strives to prepare students to proclaim the “Good News” and translate this into action. Saint Patrick School nourishes a spirit of mission, community, worship, service, and personal prayer.

Each member of the Saint Patrick School community is unique, possessing abilities and talents given by God which are nurtured and developed in the educational setting. As an educational institution, academics are paramount to child development. The curriculum imparts knowledge necessary for life success, social and physical development. Curriculum and technological development are current and ongoing, based on individual needs, student diversity, and social awareness. Outreach programs play an integral role in student social development.

Students are guided in their faith journeys through sacramental programs which prepare them for full participation in the life of the Church. Students are encouraged to live their faith through active participation in weekly Liturgy, daily prayer, and paraliturgies encompassing personal and societal needs.

Teachers strive to accept the challenge of developing the whole child intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Gospel values are modeled in each classroom setting. Teachers and staff nurture personal growth and instill in the students a sense of Christian witness. The faculty acknowledges the need to cultivate a pleasant atmosphere for instruction where the students learn responsibility by assuming it and by exercising self-discipline. Since parents are the primary educators of the children, teachers share with the parents a partnership in educating the students by collaborating with them to develop a plan ensuring individual success.

Administrators of Saint Patrick School support and promote educational programs based on effective implementation of the diocesan and parish guidelines and Pennsylvania State Academic Standards. Principal and faculty meet regularly to evaluate educational goals, student developmental guidelines, and scheduling procedures to ensure a positive atmosphere of cooperative teaching and learning. Saint Patrick School policies are formulated and carried out through the collaborative efforts of faculty and administration. Parent recommendations aid in clarifying set policies.

Saint Patrick School is a faith community; a reality to be taught and lived. Saint Patrick Parish Community creates an atmosphere of growth through educational and spiritual programs. The ultimate goal is to prepare the students for higher education through mastery of academic skills while upholding gospel values for mature, moral decision making as the students live their Christian faith.

Belief Statement

We believe that:

  • Every child is loved by God, our faculty, and the school community regardless of religion, ethnicity, or scholastic ability.
  • St. Patrick School fosters a love for the Catholic faith through religious education and liturgical celebrations.
  • Parents, as co-educators, are an integral part of our educational program.
  • St. Patrick School strives to challenge student learning in all phases of instruction, resulting in student educational growth.
  • All students are challenged by implementing the latest technological instruction.
  • All faculty members strive to encourage student academic success in all subject areas, and promote both academic and athletic intraschool and interschool competitions.
  • Students need to perform community service.

Our Mission

It is the mission of St. Patrick School to provide a quality education for our students regarding their religious, physical, emotional, social, technological, and educational development. Working in conjunction with parents and guardians, we foster Christian values that guide students to become responsible, productive citizens, and faith-filled followers of Christ.