The faculty of St. Patrick School is one of our greatest assets.

The teachers are dedicated and provide an excellent education for the students.

Principal     Dr. Donna M. Messner

Pre-K : Mrs. Kathy Imler
Kindergarten: Mrs. Valeri Mackey
Grade 1: Mrs. Kelly Stehley
Grade 2: Mrs. Theresa Stevens
Grades 3 - 4: Mr. Will Fitzgerald
Grades 5 - 8: Mrs. Stephanie McChessney, Mr. Steve Wilson

Learning Support: Sr. Jane Kelly, Mrs. Patty Troutwein, Mrs. Janie Wilson, Mrs. Keri Claar
Art: Mrs. Joan Casale
Physical Education: Mr. Joe Dumm
Music: Mrs. Patti Fabinyi
Library: Sr. Rose Tomlinson